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15th March 2023

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You are invited to submit an abstract for a talk or poster on any aspect of biomolecular applications in archaeology. While submitting your abstract you have to i) indicate the scientific field your research represents and ii) choose up to 5 key words to describe your research thematically. Abstracts will be evaluated by field-specific scientific committees and divided into thematic sessions allowing wider discussion about specific topics in biomolecular archaeology relating to questions about ancient people, societies and environments. The sessions will consist of a series of formal talks (20 minutes in length with questions) addressing a theme presented in advance by the organisers.

Abstracts from Students and Early Career Researchers are actively encouraged. The Future Fellows Poster Prize and the Future Fellows Presentation Prize will be awarded to the best student or postdoc poster and talk at ISBA10. All student and postdoc presentations are eligible and will be evaluated by the Prize Committee. In addition to these also the Outstanding Publication Student Prize will be awarded by the International Society for Biomolecular Archaeology for an outstanding publication of the highest distinction by a student in a first author role. All student members of the society are eligible.

The ISBA10 call for abstracts will be open until 15th March 2023. Any technical queries related to the ISBA10 submission system, questions about conference organization, or other logistical queries should be directed to isba2023@ut.ee . Any queries related to the scientific or review process should be sent to the scientific committee at: isba2023.scientific@ut.ee.

G uidelines
for Abstracts

Abstracts - both for talks and posters - should be broad enough to reach all interested researchers, regardless of affiliation or background

  • Submissions are limited to one abstract per presenter
  • All abstracts should be submitted in English
  • You will be required to endorse the ISBA ethics commitment as part of your submission
  • Abstracts should be maximum 300 words and may include up to 3 citations
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